Jan 11

Make Your Dreams Come True Today

It’s Make Your Dreams Come True Day on January 13th. Every day is Make Your Dreams Come True Day for me, because I run my own business. I get the opportunity to do something I love, that I’ve loved doing for many years, work with people I really like (and... read more →
Jan 02
Dec 19
Dec 11

3 Ways To Make More Profit

  1.    Make more sales I am ashamed to even write this, it’s so logical isn’t it; however, it’s the obvious first port of call for all business owners who want to make more profit. Here's a few suggestions as to how:  ·         Obtain referrals from current/former clients (free and... read more →
Nov 26

3 Tips For Building Bankable Relationships

Business development is all about people. It's about being empathetic with leads, understanding their needs and explaining how your product/service fulfils them,  and then building trust so that they buy from you. Yes, of course, having the right product or service is crucial (if I need A, I'm not going to... read more →
Nov 20

Would you like to be a mentor?

In 2012, I started working with young women who wanted to start their own businesses, through my company The Juno Project. It came purely by chance, it wasn’t something I set out to do – I loved working with anyone who had a passion for entrepreneurship – but the more... read more →
Nov 16

5 Ways To Save Your Business Money

  1. What are you paying for that you don't really need? We're all paying for something, somewhere, that we don't really need; even bootstrapping start-ups. And for whatever reason we haven't cancelled it, queried it, or plain dealt with it. Well, now's the time. Every penny adds up and, over... read more →
Nov 06

5 Tips For Increasing Your Prices

Pricing. It's got to be one of the most tricky things to get right in business, hasn't it? And when we manage it, and start to make sales, the last thing we want to think about is then increasing our prices (not least because we don't want to lose customers or... read more →
Oct 31

3 Tips When Starting A Business

1. Don’t be afraid to start off small Not every start-up is going to be the next Virgin or Body Shop. Let’s accept that. And, in fact, not everyone who starts their own business wants to be the next Richard Branson or Anita Roddick. Remember that some 95% of businesses... read more →
Oct 30