Lightbulb Workshops and Retreats

I have spent a number of years coaching, predominantly, business owners and founders to develop their revenue streams.


Last year, I realised that my success was based upon the fact that I didn’t coach them through their business challenges – but their own, personal ones. That, actually, 99 out of 100 business challenges were easily solvable; the real challenge was the mindset of the owner/founder. That was where the problems really lay.


As someone who has come through a variety of traumatic, often shocking, experiences – including childhood abuse, horrible relationship breakdowns, near bankruptcy, and a spell in a women’s refuge – I have spent my life learning how to face and then overcome difficult scenarios. I’ve amassed a huge number of strategies, hints, tips and solutions for all kinds of problems and have used them to take my life from in the gutter to success, and to keep going when others may have given up.


I’m a best selling author, award winning teacher, successful coach, and was lead adviser on a government review that changed the face of enterprise education in the UK. I’m also a single mum, survivor/warrior, and proud owner of a number of learning differences.


I use my experiences, and my passion for the growth mindset, to help you to achieve your dreams and goals. My Lightbulb programme, comprising of 3 workshops, explores:


– Self-esteem
– Self-confidence
– How to fail successfully


Each session lasts for 3.5 hours including brunch, consists of a maximum 6 people, and is delivered in an informal, interactive way with practical activities and discussions.


I’ve delivered Lightbulb workshops to all kinds of people, from fellow single mums and domestic abuse survivors, to business owners and professionals. All ages, all backgrounds.


This is an exciting programme, and it’s achieved real, and definite, change for those who’ve attended.


I’d love to share my work with you too.
The session was really useful, and I came away feeling really inspired. Thanks so much for your time!- Kirsty

Upcoming Workshops, West Sussex (10am – 1.30pm):

– Saturday November 4th: Improving your Self-Esteem

– November 18th: Improving your Self-Confidence

– January 27th: How to Fail Successfully

Cost: £125 per workshop, 2 for £225; special launch offer of 3 for £300 plus a 1 hour coaching session (value £100).

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In the New Year I will be launching the first of my retreats; a chance to kick back, develop yourself (and your skills), and return home refreshed and ready for anything!